A walk around Lamma Island – Hong Kong

Sunset from Lamma Island

Sunset from Lamma Island

Here’s a travel question for you: how many islands make up Hong Kong? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? Nope, it’s actually 235.

The biggest is Lantau, where you can find the international airport, but in my opinion the most striking is Lamma Island. In just a 20-minute ferry ride from Hong Kong Island’s Central pier 4 you can escape the hustle and bustle and be in totally different world.

From Central Pier 4 you can take a ferry to two destinations on Lamma - Yung Shue Wan or Sok Kwu Wan. We headed to Yung Shue Wan as we were meeting friends of ours who lived there – they are two of the 5,000 population on the island.

The main shopping street at Yung Shue Wan on Lamma Island

The main shopping street at Yung Shue Wan on Lamma Island

As soon as you get off the ferry at Yung Shue Wan harbour you will see a great variety of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. After enjoying a beer or two in one of the cosy pubs we made the walk through the main street where we browsed the local crafts and souvenirs.

What I liked most about Lamma were the streets. Small alleyways after alleyways it is so easy to get lost here – the layout is like a maze. Once you get away from the shopping areas you can relax on the beaches or the walking trails that Lamma has to offer.

Continuing in the educational theme, here’s another question for you… What makes Lamma Island unique? The food, the people, the attractions? Nearly, but again, you’re wrong. What makes Lamma unique is that there are no cars. Yep, no cars at all. If you want to explore you either get your walking boots on or ride a bicycle.

It was funny but I did not notice the lack of cars at all, it was only when our friends told us that it became evident. But when you get the ferry back to Hong Kong Island and start walking among the skyscrapers you will see the difference.

This is what makes Hong Kong a great city to visit. One minute you can be in one of the world’s business hubs the next browsing local crafts on a car-less island.

With ferries to Lamma Island every hour it’s definitely worth experiencing HK’s mellow side.

Travel details

How to get to Lamma Island: Head to Central Pier 4, there are two destinations on Lamma Island where you can get a ferry to - Yung Shue Wen or Sok Kwu Wan. A ticket to Yung Shue Wan costs HK$16.10 (£1.30 or US$2) each way and takes about 20 minutes. Ferries leave Central every hour and the last ferry from Yung Shue Wan is at 23.30. For more information click here

Did you know? There are no cars on Lamma Island

Lamma Island tourist information: www.discoverhongkong.com

The harbour at Yung Shue Wan on Lamma Island

The harbour at Yung Shue Wan on Lamma Island

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